Please view Dr. Ashyanna Keli Rodriguez's 60 5-star reviews on Yelp here. 

What others are saying about Dr. Rodriguez’s holistic chiropractic sessions:

"Ashyanna has a refreshing approach to her chiropractic practice.  After taking the time to personally check in with me, understand my lifestyle, workflow, and daily habits, she guided my body through several adjustments that I have never experienced before.  Focusing on my posture, feet, and hands then moving on to other problem areas, I felt like I was in the care of a uniquely insightful, practical, and caring healer.  I left feeling good, and even better, I left equipped with new body wisdom and simple workouts that I needed to make some lasting changes in the way I live."

~ Andy

"After years of being frustrated with pain in my arms and wrists and trying many different healing options with disappointing results and no relief, I am very excited how chiropractic care is finally making a real difference. After just a few visits with Ashyanna, I have no more pain and I can work and do all the things I love to do again. I trust Ashyanna's skillful adjustments and her helpful advice. I recommend her to anyone."


“What I love about the care Ashyanna provides is not only the way she carefully and confidently works with my body, but how she clearly and knowledgeably explains what she finds and what she is doing.  As a student of bodywork myself, I am very interested in the body and what I learn from Ashyanna in our chiropractic sessions is truly beneficial to my health beyond our appointments.  The exercises she has given me have been hugely helpful ~ not only for my specific injuries but in expanding my body-mind awareness in my daily life.  Ashyanna considers the whole person in the context of her chiropractic care and this is so important in order to deeply address the complex processes of our individual bodies and our journeys in them!”


 “I came to Ashyanna after a car accident. My body was shocked, confused and full of pain. Part of Ashyanna’s therapy was to listen, and really understand the problem and where it was originating. Part of her healing technique was to care for me gently and respectfully - her practice is saturated with love. She has a deep understanding of the physical and subtle body and uses yoga therapy, massage and chiropractic to increase the communication between the two.  In addition, she brings a beautiful smile, welcoming presence and great attitude. Every time you visit her you feel welcomed and leave uplifted.”

~ Niki